The NYC Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB) was created with the enactment of the New York City Collective Bargaining Law (NYCCBL) in 1967. OCB is a neutral agency authorized to resolve questions concerning union representation (certifications), and adjudicate issues concerning collective bargaining, retaliation or discrimination based on union activity, and the union's duty of fair representation. Decisions on these issues are rendered by either the Board of Collective Bargaining or the Board of Certification. OCB also conducts mediations to resolve improper practice claims, representation disputes, and disputes over terms of collective bargaining agreements. In addition, OCB administers the statutory impasse and grievance arbitration process.\nThe enactment of the NYCCBL in 1967 represented a commitment to the collective bargaining process by the City of New York and its municipal labor unions. The statute was created by the City Council of New York City after tri-partite negotiations and agreement between representatives of the City, the municipal unions and impartial labor relations professionals. When the statute was enacted, the structure of the OCB was uniquely designed to ensure neutrality in the resolution of labor disputes and acceptability to both labor and management. Nearly fifty years later, OCB continues to serve the City and the municipal labor unions administering the NYCCBL and upholding the statutory structure intended to provide fairness, stability and predictability to municipal labor relations.

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