New York City’s Capital Program

Our city’s infrastructure – its roads, sewers, parks, public hospitals and more – is funded and managed through a complex capital program. We use NYC Open Data to explain & explore it.


The Mayor’s Office of Management & Budget (OMB) updates a 10-Year Strategy document every 2 years, organizing the plan by project types and categories.


The Mayor submits an Executive Capital Budget for approval by the City Council every year. This breaks the strategy into budget lines that will fund specific projects.


OMB publishes a Capital Commitment Plan three times a year that schedules agency capital spending. These commitments make it possible for agencies to fund projects.

Capital Projects

Our project profiles combine Strategy, Budget and Commitment datasets with OMB’s Capital Project Details Data reports and City Planning’s location data.

Number of Projects


Original Cost


Current Cost


Amount Over Budget


Running Long


Over Budget


Starting Late


Ending Late


  Our map uses data from Capital Projects Database (CPDB) - Projects (Polygons), Capital Projects Database (CPDB) - Projects (Points) datasets.